Learning to Drive - What to Expect

Practical Driving Lessons Guide


N.B: Depending on experience and location, the order may alter slightly



  • Main Vehicle Controls & Cockpit Drill 


  • Moving away and stopping safely


  • Steering & road positioning


  • Gear changing, clutch control & hillstarts


  • Use of mirrors, signals & ancillary controls (lights,wipers, etc.,)


  • Negotiating T- junctions & crossroads


  • Building Confidence


  • Dealing with other road users


  • Negotiating roundabouts & mini roundabouts


  • Traffic lights & pedestrian crossings


  • Spiral roundabouts


  • Town/city centre driving & Using SatNav


  • Reversing skills / Manoeuvres


  • Rural roads & driving at speed


  • Hazard perception/awareness


  • Driving in adverse weather conditions


  • Dual carriageway driving


  • Overtaking


  • Emergency stop


  • Basic Maintenance Checks


  • Night driving (where possible)


  • Mock test


  • Post-test driving (e.g: Pass Plus Scheme, Motorways) - Optional

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