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In order to pass your practical driving test, you must commit no more than 15 driving faults, considered not to be of a serious or dangerous nature (these are often referred to as ‘minors’). The DSA state that just 0.83% of first time passes are with zero driving faults, and the average driving test results in about 8 faults.

The following students are just some who have recently passed their Driving Test with L2D Driving School. Their comments are genuine of the services they have received.

October 2013

“Can’t believe I’ve passed! I was so nervous but you kept me calm and I did it. Thanks for all your patience and understanding…especially when I was struggling to reverse round those corners!! I’ll definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks again. Sammi”

September 2013

Obviously Milly is one VERY happy lady after passing her test!
“WAHEY! I can’t believe I’ve just passed my test!! Thanks Andy for all of your help and flexibility in helping me to pass!!”

July 2013

17th Pass on the trot! I would like to say a massive thank you to Andy for all his time and patience whilst teaching me to drive. After 2 failed attempts with my previous instructor I never thought I was going to pass. I’d highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Andy! It was a pleasure learning to drive with you :)

[Hannah was the 17th pass on the trot, 15 passed at their very first attempt, the other 2 were their first attempts with Andy having failed tests with other driving schools]

Before doing my lessons with Andy I had failed 2 tests almost 4 years ago and was worried about driving again but Andy made me feel confident in my driving and each lesson there was no pressure but I always felt I had progressed. Andy is a brilliant teacher and did everything he could to help me along the way, with DVDs, advice and fitting my lessons around my childcare and work. Thank you so much Andy.

Thank you


Andy – Thank you SOOOOOO much for teaching me to drive and in such a quick time. I took an intensive course with Andy and I would highly recommend this to anyone. Andy done an assessment of my driving and found a course to suit me, and here I am today driving my own car, so as you can see it worked. Andy has a way of teaching people that I don’t think you could really beat he stays calm even when you do silly things you really didn’t mean to do and gives you as much independence on driving as you can with out using the dual controls, And also if your in a bad mood he never fails to cheer you up even when my driving test got canceled due to fog, (you can ask Andy how grumpy I was that day), but he still put up with me. But really if your looking for a good driving instructor I would highly recommend Andy for what ever stage your driving is at, after driving on the road now for a week and seeing people with P plates on thinking who taught them as there still all over the road, you wont get this with Andy as he is a very thorough driving instructor. Thank you so much Andy my life has changed so much now I can drive, wouldn’t have been able to do it without the great Driving Instructor. You’re MAD if you don’t go with Andy, Rob

Andy is an excellent driving instructor. I took an intensive driving course with Andy and I cannot put a negative point on the whole course. He is a calm, friendly and knowledgeable instructor who I feel I can always drop a line if I need any help in the future. Passing with only 1 fault has just proven to me how thoroughly I have been taught. If you are considering learning to drive whether you are a beginner or partly trained you would be missing out if you didn’t go with Andy.

A GREAT RESULT for Becky, passing first time with just 4 faults! “Excellent driving instructor. Very friendly and reliable. Fitted lessons around my family life. I passed 1st time. Very pleased. Thank you”

WELL DONE to Grace, with a first time pass and just 4 driving faults! “I would recommend Andy Winton as a driving instructor to anyone, he was very clear and easy to understand and he made me feel calm when I first started driving. He treats everyone of his students as an individual which is so important, and he spent a lot of time finding the best way to help me as an individual. He also let me go at my own pace. He taught me to learn to drive in 8 months, it would have been quicker but I started uni. I passed on my first attempt with only 4 minors too.

He always tries to fit you into his very busy schedule at a time that is best for you. I am now doing pass plus with him, which is an excellent scheme, I would also highly recommend this course as well; it has really made a difference to my confidence. It was worth every penny. Thank you for everything Andy.” :)

A SUPERB RESULT for David with a first time pass and zero driving faults after completing a Halfway Course! “Andy made it really easy to understand and learn. The book, DVD and video clips made it even easier and less confusing when doing my lessons and test. Everything was explained simply and was really easy to pick up.”

A FANTASTIC RESULT for Liam, passing first time with ZERO driving faults after completing a Semi Intensive course!

“I’d just like to say that it was a pleasure having you as my driving instructor, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! Both me and my sister can’t thank you enough for getting us through our driving tests first time. Your knowledge and general style of teaching really made me feel comfortable and come to grips with things a lot quicker than I could have ever expected! I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to not just pass their test, but pass with flying colours!”
Liam’s Sister, Emma, passed first time after completing a One Week Intensive Course with me two years earlier.

CONGRATULATIONS to Simon on a first time pass with just 1 minor driving fault, oh so close!

“I found Andy to be a brilliant teacher, he was always calm and very reassuring (no matter how jerky I was on those first couple of lessons). From my first lesson he installed confidence in me and gave me all of the skills and knowledge to progress throughout. No lesson ever felt pressured but each lesson we made progress. I would recommend him highly to anyone. Thanks again Andy.”

VERY WELL DONE to James on passing his driving test first time with just 2 driving faults!

“Andy is an excellent teacher, he made learning to drive a very pleasant experience. Always very calm and positive, he made me feel relaxed and confident when learning and ultimately taking my test. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone! Thanks again Andy.”

A FANTASTIC RESULT Kirsty, with a first time pass and just 2 driving faults!

“Thank you so much for being a brilliant Instructor! You were so patient and made me believe I could do it. You are always friendly and approachable, and I knew if I wasn’t sure of something you would explain again so that I understood. Thank you Andy”.

A SUPERB RESULT for Jenny, passing on her first attempt for 20 years with ZERO driving faults! Jenny had not driven for around 20 years (after a test fail) before finally deciding to have another go.

“ Andy has been a wonderful instructor from start to finish.  At every stage of learning I felt safe and in good hands.  I couldn’t recommend a driving instructor more highly and wish that everyone out there would drive as well as Andy would teach them. Thanks again!”

WELL DONE to Karen with a first time pass and just one driving fault, a fantastic result! As the Examiner said, continue driving to that very high standard Karen!

“As everyone has, I’ve had my ups and downs with driving. Most don’t have them while learning though; but I lost my confidence due to another road user. Without Andy, I wouldn’t have been able to pass today and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it with so little driving faults. Andy really goes all out to make you feel comfortable and welcome. I highly recommend new drivers to learn with Andy; he is a brilliant teacher. Thanks for everything Andy”

CONGRATULATIONS Ollie with a first time pass after completing a Semi – Intensive course!

“Andy has been a great instructor, creating a calm, stress free atmosphere for me to learn to drive. I will recommend Andy to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again!”

WELL DONE to Alex, with a first time pass and just 2 driver faults after a Halfway Course!

“I had two previous instructors before Andy. With the two previous instructors I did not enjoy my lessons, but with Andy I enjoyed them and this meant it was easier and quicker to learn. I spent far less money on my lessons with Andy and the results were miles better than with the others.

My only regret is not switching to Andy earlier. Andy is a great instructor; he makes the lessons interesting and educational at the same time. I would recommend him to anyone. Once again thank you very much.”

WELL DONE Mick, with a first time pass and just 1 driver fault after completing a Semi – Intensive course. A fantastic result!

“I found Andy to be a great teacher, very calm and positive. He instilled confidence in me throughout my course. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone wanting to learn to drive.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Harriet on passing with just 3 driving faults!

(Andy is) ”A patient and calm Instructor who creates a positive and relaxed atmosphere for the Student, making learning to drive a productive and enjoyable experience…thank you for being a brilliant Teacher, I will recommend you to anyone who wants to drive.”

Becky had failed 3 tests over 8 years ago and hadn’t taken lessons since. After 17 hours of lessons Becky passed first time with just 2 driving faults! Well done Becky, a fantastic result!

Kris started learning to drive on Monday 26th October 2009 and passed his test first time on Friday 30th October 2009 with a One Week Intensive Course.  Kris said afterwards- ”Thanks very much, you are a brilliant teacher!.” Well done Kris!

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